Cryogenic Application

A. Principal of technology

Technology to generate and maintain the cryogenic temperatures
(under -180℃ (93 K))

Provides the extremely low temperature environment required for the superconducting technology

Key technology

  • Thermal insulation technique to maintain cryogenic temperature
  • Vacuum sealing technique to avoid heat leak
  • Thermal stress relief technique to consider material properties and structure

Cryogenic Application

B. Applications


C. Technology of SuperGenics

  • 1. Cooling system design for superconducting magnet

    • Thermal & Stress analysis with FEM
    • Cryogenic fluid simulation
    • Quench analysis on SC magnet
    • Conduction cooling system design
    • Solid nitrogen cooling system design
    • Cryogenic gas blowing system design

    SC magnet

    Thermal and stress analysis of SC magnet

  • 2. Cryogenic systems and accessories

    • Design of small cryogen pump
    • Design of cryogen gas blower
    • Design of liquid cryogen circulation system
    • Low temperature experimental apparatus
    • Experimental service for large cryogenic system

    Low temperature experimental apparatus

    Low temperature
    experimental apparatus

    Liquid cryogen pump

    Liquid cryogen pump